Zatoichi 1971

Zatoichi 1971

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When a small boy halts an official Nambu Samurai Procession and, consequently, is about to be executed; Wang Kong, a one-armed swordsman from China, steps in to save him. The result is a massacre of the local peasantry. Now a target for the Nambu Samurai, who wish to eliminate all witnesses to the incident, Wang Kong must become an outlaw to survive.

Meanwhile, Zatoichi comes across the same small boy in the arms of his mortally wounded father, another victim of the samurai massacre. His last wish is for the blind swordsman to take care of his son.
While traveling with the boy in his care, Zatoichi and Wang Kong meet. With a bounty on Wang's head, mistrust and deception grow as the local boss sees his opportunity to gain power and influence. With their two different languages acting as a barrier between them, the two swordsmen are destined to meet in battle, where only one will walk away.

Cast: Shintaro Katsu, Jimmy Wang Yu, Watako Hamaki, Michie Terada, Koji Nambara. . .

Running Time: 94 mins. (approx.)

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Rated G
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