Wing Chun - Close Range Combat Volume 1

Wing Chun - Close Range Combat Volume 1

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By Randy Williams

Volume 1 - Blocking, Striking, Kicking & Footwork Fundamentals

Wing Chun Gung Fu is dynamic Chinese street combat style characterized by short, sharp strikes delivered down the Centerline with machine gun like rapidity, and is known for its principles of simultaneous attack and defense, hand trapping, and economy of motion. It is a relatively new system, developed in China less than 400 years ago and honed in rooftop fights of 1950s Hong Kong. Many legendary fighters emerged from those times, each of them adding his own Flavor to the way the art was taught, and how it has evolved over the years.

Randy Williams is a longtime writer for Inside Kung-Fu magazine, celebrity bodyguard and founder of the CRCA International Wing Chun Association. In this new series, he brings you a step-by-step introduction to his own modern-day interpretation of this explosive art of close-range combat. Williams is known for his non-traditional, American sports-like approach to the art, on which more emphasis is placed on performance and understanding over lineage and history. Hard training and practical self-defense application are the hallmarks of Randys Close Range Combat Academy school worldwide.

Volume 1 lays the groundwork of the system - blocks, strikes, kicks, stances and footwork as well as a guide to Chinese terminology, principles of trapping, leg blocking, Long Bridgeand Complex Motions. Use of the Jook Wan, or Rattan Ring of CRCA Wing Chun, basic and advanced two-man drills such as Wing Chuns famous Lop Sau and Sticky Hands combat exercises are also covered in detail.

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