What Really Works

What Really Works

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Cut through the myriad of alternative therapies and just find out what really works! This consumer guide to whats best in complementary health, from products to therapies, packed with cutting edge advice and proven tips will help you lead a more nourishing life. You dont have to do the research because Susan Clark has done it for you.

You know St Johns Wort is natures own prozac but how much do you take and for how long? Your sister told you about a great new massage treatment but you've forgotten the name. For all those people who are forever cutting out snippets from newspapers and magazines and for those who are confused by just how much information on supplements and therapies is thrown at them in the media, this book will be a godsend.
This wide ranging guide covers What Really Works across the entire mind, body, spirit area:
Part 1 contains 5 chapters which are the building blocks for optimum healthFood, Air, Water, Sunlight, Exercise
Part 2: is a top to toe look at natural remedies for 80 everyday complaints
Part 3: called Hands-on, lists 30 of the best complementary therapies
Part 4: called Soulworks looks at spiritual-based therapies and practices from shamanism to meditation
Part 5 is a Time Out guide to spas, retreats, therapists everything from yoga holidays to flotation tanks

In each case the book is thoroughly referenced to show you where to go, what brand to choose, which practitioner is best internationally.

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