Triathlon Workout Planner

Triathlon Workout Planner

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By John Mora

Train smarter and get better results no matter how busy your lifestyle. Triathlon Workout Planner is like having your own personal support team to prioritize training, fit workouts into your schedule, and plan for long-term racing success.

By choosing the right workout at the right time, you can actually improve efficiency, technique, and overall fitness level in less time with these invaluable tools:

Three or four key workouts that serve as the core of your weekly training schedule
The 80/20 rule, which focuses on the 20% of training that gets 80% of the results
Workout choices based on available time and target heart rate for customized training
Eight weeks of log pages to gauge progress and make weekly adjustments, helping you stay on track and stay injury free
Racing plans for every distancefrom sprint to Ironman

Take control of your training and your schedule with Triathlon Workout Planner. Train more efficiently and effectively for better performance on and off the race course!


Part I Plan for Success
Chapter 1. Priority Checklist
Chapter 2. Tri-Time Management
Chapter 3. The Master Training Plan

Part II Customized Training
Chapter 4. Heart-Rate Workouts
Chapter 5. Time-Based Workouts
Chapter 6. Key Workouts
Chapter 7. 80/20 Workout

Part III Race Programs
Chapter 8. Sprint Training
Chapter 9. Olympic Training
Chapter 10. Half-Ironman Training
Chapter 11. Ironman Training
Chapter 12. Logs and Workout Tracking Tools

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