Tour de France 13

Tour de France 13

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Since the Tour de France was first staged, we’ve seen the emergence of the television, the Internet and the iPod. We’ve walked on the moon and landed a spacecraft on Mars. We’ve seen socialism emerge on a mass scale before collapsing, while capitalism in the West delivered us to a place of unrivalled wealth. We’ve seen the likes of Elvis and the Beatles, aided by the run away success of the Hollywood film industry, kick-start popular culture. Air travel has become mainstream and we can now teleconference with friends, family and colleagues from afar. We’ve also survived two world wars and the emergence of the atomic bomb. In short, the world is a markedly different place than it was in 1903.

But through all that change, the Tour de France has, at its core, remained the same: men on bikes testing themselves against each other and the elements while helping their teammates to the front of the peloton. These are the ingredients that saw the Tour capture the imagination of the French public since day one, and the same ingredients that inspire millions around the world today to follow the race, either from the roadside, on TV, online, or in print.

2013 will be no different, and by all accounts, race organiser ASO has established a course conducive to the kind of racing we’ve come to expect at what is the world’s premier cycling event.

So that you can make the most of this year’s edition, we’ve put together this handy guide outlining the stages as well as all 22 teams competing. We’ve also highlighted some of the riders who we think will be key players at this year’s event, as well as a few from days gone by.

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