Total-Body Toning with Lashaun Dale DVD

Total-Body Toning with Lashaun Dale DVD

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Total-Body Toning offers specific workouts to those who want to shape and sculpt their bodies or specific body regions, improve endurance, increase fitness levels, or lose weight. Eight 10-minute segments provide intervals of cardio and strength training to give viewers more focused workouts and better results.

Are you ready for a workout that produces resultsresults you can see and feel? If so, look no further than Total-Body Toning with Lashaun Dale, your personal program for slimming, shaping, and sculpting your body.

Through interval training and a blend of traditional and nontraditional resistance exercises, perfecting your physique has never been easier. Total-Body Toning includes eight workouts:

A total-body core workout for defined abs and a tapered waist
Two upper-body workouts for toned arms and sexy shoulders
Two lower-body workouts for a firm butt and shapely legs
Warm-up section, fundamentals, and flow workout

Renowned personal trainer Lashaun Dale guides you through the most effective cardio and strength exercises for more focused workouts and better results.

Best of all, the DVDs special programming option allows you to personalize every workout for your goals, your schedule, and your body. Target body regions, improve cardiorespiratory fitness, or challenge yourself to a grueling total-body workout. Simply sequence the workouts and create a program that centers on you! From length to progression to level of intensity, the choice is yours.

Look and feel your best with Total-Body Toning, your personal guide to achieving your ideal physique.

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