The World's Best Self-Defence Techniques - DVD

The World's Best Self-Defence Techniques - DVD

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IMPROVE personal safety
DEVELOP self confidence
BOOST fitness and health
ENSURE peace of mind

The World's Best Self-Defence Techniques is a great DVD for anyone wanting to learn practical self defence that really works.

Presented by Master Instructor, John Gill, a 5th Dan Black belt in Hapkido & Taekwondo, with over 25 years Martial Arts experience and winner of NSW, Australian, USA and World Championships. John has instructed Martial Arts since 1985.

Joh Gill is one of the world's leading self defense and martial arts experts which has resulted in hime becoming a World Champion. His instruction and techniques are practical, effective and easy to learn for men, women and children of all ages.

And the great thing about the DVD is you can take things at your own pace. The easy to use menu allows you to repeat a technique until you're comfortable to move on to something new.

DVD includes defense against -
Two arm grab
Choke from the front
Choke from the back
Mouth gag from behind
Forearm choke from behind
Bear hug
Bear hug from the back
One arm grab from behind
Two arm grab from behind
Hair grab
Punch defense
Ground defense
Knife defense

John Gill's DVD is a must have for anyone who's ever felt nervous walking across a car park late at night.

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