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The Art, Science, and Philosophy of a Bodybuilding Legend, presents the answers to these and other significant questions, focusing on the extraordinary scientific, training, and philosophical contributions of the legendary founder of the HEAVY DUTY high-intensity training system MIKE MENTZER!

The advanced techniques, the most productive workout, the life-transforming personal philosophy and inside information on how to build a heroic body all from the late, great Mike Mentzer a bodybuilding legend!

Are you uninspired by the same-old routines? Have you reached a plateau and need to jumpstart your workout? Or maybe youre just getting started in the weight room. Whatever your level of fitness, whatever your needs, you can boost your muscles -- and your mind -- into high gear with the rational training philosophy and advanced bodybuilding techniques of Mike Mentzer, the first bodybuilder ever to garner a perfect score in the Mr. Universe competition, and one of the few genuine pioneers in the fields of bodybuilding training and nutrition.

The thinking mans bodybuilder, Mike revolutionized the science of training with his HEAVY DUTY system, proving that less is more when it comes to making great gains. But Mikes most advanced ideas have never been revealeduntil now. Direct from Mikes inner circle -- friend and colleague John Little, along with Joanne Sharkey, contributor and heir to Mentzers intellectual property and the CEO of Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc. -- youll get an insiders look at the most intense, in-depth lessons Mike Mentzer contributed both to bodybuilding and intellectual growth. Inside these pages you will learn the fundamentals of:

H.U.N.G.E.R. the code of integrity for displaying a heroic physique.

Philosophy and character-building why you never again need to fear your competition.

The actual science of productive bodybuilding exercise Mike Mentzers fail-safe principles for building maximum size and strength.

Consolidation Training a lightning-quick workout of two sets (total) performed just once a week that works (in Mentzers words) like magic for producing phenomenal muscle growth.

Advanced Heavy Duty Techniques, such as:
Omni-Contraction the highest level of high intensity training!
Infitonic Training where both the lifting and the lowering of the weight are truly maximal!
Rest-Pause A technique that helped Mike Mentzer build ultra-advanced levels of muscle size and strength!

PLUS: Additional historical insights into the workouts Mike Mentzer utilized in winning his many bodybuilding titles, in addition to his most productive arm routine and the one-set workout that revolutionized bodybuilding and helped create a new Mr. Olympia winner.

THE WISDOM OF MIKE MENTZER is truly a book that is chock-full of wisdom an all too rare commodity in todays bodybuilding culture of drugs and commercialism and is the distillation of Mike Mentzers exceptional insights and enduring legacy.

THE WISDOM OF MIKE MENTZER provides readers with a unique passkey into the world of Mike Mentzer the man, the philosopher, and the legend. It is a poignant and powerful book that all Mike Mentzer fans -- old and new -- will find themselves referring to again and again.

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