The Upside of Down by Tamra Mercieca

The Upside of Down by Tamra Mercieca

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THE UPSIDE OF DOWN is one young womans memoir of her time with depression and how she managed to overcome this debilitating illness. During her struggle, Tamra used herself as a guinea pig, experimenting with natural therapies and concepts until she developed a toolkit that others could also use to guide them out of the pit of negativity.

In this book, Tamra talks about her experiences with depression and the steps she took to overcome it, so that she would not be ruled by the chronic despair and uncontrollable anxiety that takes over your body. It is split into three sections Mind, Body and Soul due to the strong connection between all three. Being in touch with all three areas helps attack depression from all corners, so there is no dark cranny where it can hide. In order to get over depression you must take a holistic approach and that means supporting yourself on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

There are also six case studies from other people who have used similar ways to overcome their own depression, to help the reader better identify with each concept and provide further inspiration. But The Upside of Down is not only for people with depression, their friends and relatives. Most of these ideas are what keep everyone healthy, so people suffering from stress and anxiety, or simply those looking for more balance in their lives, can take something away from this book.

The Upside of Down recognises that there is no magic pill for depression, and that a holistic approach is needed to permanently end the pain. It is packed with tips and ideas on how to make small lifestyle changes to rebalance your biochemistry. It is proof that people with depression can, and do, live fun and magical lives.

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