The Protein Counter-2nd Edition

The Protein Counter-2nd Edition

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Every day your body needs protein to build and replace millions of cells. And your need for protein goes up during stress, exercise, weight loss, illness, injury, pregnancy, and after surgery. Now, the two nationally recognized registered dietitians and nutritionists who created the national bestsellers The Fat Counter and The Cholesterol Counter give you the most complete, up-to-date protein information:

• Protein, fat, carbohydrate, and calorie values for 15,000 brand-name and generic foods, including energy bars and drinks, and soy, organic, and vegetarian products

• Tips for using amino acid and protein supplements

• Four easy steps to find your personalized daily protein requirement based on your activity level, sex, weight, and overall health

• How muscles actually use the protein in the food you eat

• Easy-to-understand information on reading food labels, on protein additives, and much more!

THE PROTEIN COUNTER is as essential to your gym bag as a water bottle!

Author(s) Jo Ann Heslin and Annette B Natow
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