The New Vegan

The New Vegan

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The New Vegan is an exciting new Vegan cookbook. It provides a comprehensive guide to creating everything from starters to main courses to deserts and includes information on the nutritional principles of the vegan diet.
Veganism is an increasingly popular dietary choice − as more people recognise the now widely accepted health benefits of foregoing meat and dairy products at least some of the time.
This book covers everything from starters to main courses to desserts and includes: Polenta Square with Seared Portobello Mushrooms; Pizza Quesadilla; Lasagna; Pumpkin Ravioli with nut sauce; Shepherd′s pie; Apple Turnover vegetable drinks and plenty more!The author also discusses the nutritional concerns for both children and adults and shows that vegan cooking is super−healthy and is:
− very low cholesterol
− low fat
− high in antioxidants (anti−ageing)
− high in vitamins & minerals
− low in toxins − the basis of any ′detox′

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