The Chopsticks Diet

The Chopsticks Diet

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The Chopsticks Diet looks at losing weight in a different way. We all know that the only way to lose weight is to eat less, but the task does not always come easily to us, especially when we are bombarded by a lot of rules and requirements as well as lists of excluded foods.

This cookbook does not involve calorie counting or exclude essential foods. There is one basic rule eat these healthily balanced dishes with chopsticks. That way you will eat smaller mouthfuls, instantly reducing the amount of food you eat, and you will eat more slowly, encouraging the flow of digestive juices, leaving you feeling more satisfied.

Kimiko Barber uses traditional ingredients (rice, fish, soya beans, vegetables, fruits) in fresh and modern ways to offer perfectly balanced dishes from breakfast through to dinner. She takes advantage of Japanese ingredients that are highly nutritious and very low in fat, including tofu and seaweeds, but she also includes, among others, konyaku that has no calories or fat but is high in fibre (which she uses in her fat-free hunger busters) and green tea, which she explains is far more beneficial to you if eaten (and so she makes delicious desserts with it). This is the stress-free way to enjoy your food whilst losing weight.

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