The Art of the Ninja Vol.2

The Art of the Ninja Vol.2

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This video series offers a unique and comprehensive approach to learning the art of the ninja. In these videos, Jack Hoban--a former active duty Marine Corps Captain and one of the acknowledged founding fathers of Ninjutsu in America--reveals the core physical techniques of this mysterious and often misunderstood art. Hoban, who received Ninjutsu training from Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan, is a long-time practitioner of the martial arts. Now a Shidoshi (senior instructor), Hoban is an ideal instructor to teach Ninjutsu to new and experienced Ninjutsu practitioners, alike. Similarly, serious students who want to move beyond the Ninja myths to practical application of the art will also benefit from watching these videos.

Volume 2 covers taisabaki (basic body movement), ukemi (injury prevention) taihenjutsu (movement to avoid danger), rolling, breakfalls, cartwheels and leaping techniques. Also includes advice on how to avoid sword cuts and instruction for ninja walking.

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