The 5:2 Bikini Diet

The 5:2 Bikini Diet

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By dieting for only TWO days a week you can have the bikini body you’ve always dreamed of - FAST. With more than 100 mouth-watering and filling recipes, all under 500 calories, bestselling diet author Jacqueline Whitehart is the answer to your dieting prayers. Join the weight loss revolution that has changed millions of lives around the world! The 5:2 Bikini Diet offers a new and fresh approach to the Intermittent Fasting phenomenon that will get you in bikini-ready shape super fast. By cutting your calories (to 500 for women, 600 for men) for only TWO days a week, you will not only blast fat, but will dramatically lower the risk of age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and heart disease.

This essential and practical guide contains:

More than 100 delicious recipes for your two-day diet
Easy-to-follow and flexible meal plans to suit your lifestyle
A fun and motivating exercise program
Important answers to most frequently asked questions
Inspiring advice on how to follow the 5:2 diet for good and change your life for ever
With The 5:2 Bikini Diet you can transform your body and lose up to 14 lbs in just four weeks. This is the fastest, easiest path to achieving the body you have always dreamed of, so start your weight-loss journey today.
Author(s) Jacqueline Whitehart
Book Bound Hardback
Pages 256
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