Tai Chi Illustrated

Tai Chi Illustrated

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Increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, and reduce pain and stiffness. Each year, millions of people worldwide discover the incredible physical and mental benefits of tai chi. Now, with Tai Chi Illustrated, you can, too.

Internationally renowned instructor Master Pixiang Qiu and mind–body exercise expert Weimo Zhu demonstrate the most effective forms for harnessing the healing power of chi, or energy. Follow their lead and improve balance and coordination, relieve stress, and reduce pain and muscle stiffness.

Tai Chi Illustrated is a step-by-step guide complete with detailed instructions and full-color photo sequences for the basic movements and popular forms, such as Grasp Sparrow’s Tail and Part the Wild Horse’s Mane. You will connect the forms to follow the yang-style sample routines, or create your own to address your health and fitness needs.

Whether you are completely new to tai chi or have practiced for years, Tai Chi Illustrated will you be your guide to the path of better health and self-awareness.


Part I Tai Chi Basics
Chapter 1 Art and Practice of Tai Chi
Chapter 2 Basic Posture
Chapter 3 Basic Foot Movements
Chapter 4 Basic Hand Forms and Movements
Chapter 5 Basic Stances

Part III Tai Chi Forms
Chapter 6 Forms for Cardiovascular Health
Chapter 7 Forms for Stress Relief and Low-Back Health
Chapter 8 Forms for Balance
Chapter 9 Forms for Coordination

Part III Tai Chi Routines
Chapter 10 Six-Form Routine
Chapter 11 Twelve-Form Routine
Chapter 12 Basic Push Hands Routine

Author(s) Weimo Zhu and Pixiang Qui
Book Bound Paperback
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