Small Circle JuJitsu Vol 1-5

Small Circle JuJitsu Vol 1-5

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By Wally Jay

Professor Wally Jay is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member (1969), 10th dan in jujutsu under Juan Gomez (a top disciple of Henry S. Okazaki) and a sixth dan in judo under Ken Kawachi. Jay is one of the few martial artists this century to have come up with a theory of fighting, developed it and put it into practice. His influence is felt throughout the martial arts industry.

Volume 1 discusses the 10 basic principles of small-circle jujutsu, including an explanation and demonstration of finger, wrist and joint locking. (Approx. 40 min.) DVD Code 4089

Volume 2 discusses in-depth advanced arm, wrist, finger and leg locks. (Approx. 40 min.) DVD Code 4099

Volume 3 discusses grappling, including falling, effective throws, advanced chokes and resuscitation. (Approx. 40 min.) DVD Code 5119

Volume 4 discusses the principles of learning the tendon triceps and its importance in the application of armbars and arm locks. (Approx. 50 min.) DVD Code 7459

Volume 5 discusses the principles of learning highly effective finger-locking techniques for self-defense application. (Approx. 50 min.) DVD Code 7469

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