Sigi Schmid's Defensive Soccer Tactics

Sigi Schmid's Defensive Soccer Tactics

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Defense. It is the cornerstone of soccer success. Players need to know their roles, organize quickly, work as a unit, and make snap decisions to shut down the opponent.

In Sigi Schmid’s Defensive Soccer Tactics, one of the sport’s top coaches reveals the key defensive concepts that all winning teams must have to stop an attack, win possession, and begin the counterattack.

Through live action demonstrations, small-sided games and team drills, Schmid covers defensive tactics like no other. Simply stated, it is all here…zone defenses, pressure tactics, positional play, strategies to neutralize free kicks and corners, and more.

Sigi Schmid’s Defensive Soccer Tactics provides a unique look at how a coach interacts with and teaches players to understand the purpose of each tactic. Applicable to soccer teams at all levels, this DVD will help you shut down any offensive attack.

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