Sex Bible For Women

Sex Bible For Women

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By Susan Crain
Most books on sexuality teach women that satisfying their partner is the key to a great sexual experience.

However, for most women, great sex is predicated on understanding their own bodies and desires first. Moreover, a womans sexual desires and preferences arent fixed-they are greatly impacted by physical changes such as pregnancy, menopause, and hormonal fluctuations.

This sensual yet practical guide provides a comprehensive overview of all the sexual options available for women throughout their lifetime. Intrepid sex journalist and expert Susan Crain Bakos shows women how to sexually satisfy themselves and their partners, through masturbation, touching, oral sex, and intercourse. Racy, full-color photographs instruct women on positions, foreplay techniques, and how to use sex toys on themselves or others. Women gain a deeper understanding of their own unique physiology, how to achieve orgasm, and how to stay healthy as they explore different sexual options.

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