POF Fast Mass Special (DVD + Books)

POF Fast Mass Special (DVD + Books)

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Training Essentials At Your Fingertips!

Get the POF Series DVD plus these books: Size Surge, Size Surge2 and Hardgainer Size Surge!
10-Week Size Surge: A step-by-step diet and exercise program to get you started packing on mass right away!
Size Surge 2: The 10-week follow-up program to Size Surge to keep your gains on the road to hugeness!
Hardgainer Size Surge: A crash course for packing on muscle weight for the genetically challenged.
Critical Mass POF (DVD): Featuring Positions of Flexion, a breakthrough mass-building method that has bodybuilders worldwide growing faster than ever and achieving skin-splitting pumps at every workout.

DVD Includes...
*Critical Arms: Get a shocking set of biceps, triceps and forearms fast! Let POF turn your guns into cannons!
*Critical Chest & Delts: Get maximum fiber recruitment from as few sets as possible -- 4 to 6 per bodypart -- for rapid development.
*Critical Legs & Back: Build legs like powerful pillars and a big, broad back with POF. Features Paul Quadzilla DeMayo.
*Granite Abs: 10-Minutes to Granite Abs will help you transform your midsection into a tight, attention-grabbing showpiece in record time.

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