Offside The Wild Side of Soccer

Offside The Wild Side of Soccer

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The most popularly played and watched sport on earth. For many, soccer is more than a game. It's a way of life. An Addiction. An obsession.

But what happens when that addition is pushed too far? When the boundaries of the sport are over-stepped by greed, corruption, intimidation and radical fan violence?

What you get is the wild side of the world game.

OFFSIDE! is an unforgettable, humorous and often shocking venture into the murky depths of the wild and bizarre antics of players, officials, fans, radio commentators and killer hot dogs.

Prepare to laugh, cry and to shake your head in shock and bewilderment as the game of soccer is stripped naked as never before.

This is the wide side of soccer - the madness, the mayhem, the mania.

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