NYC  No Holds Barred

NYC No Holds Barred

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In this tape presented by Master Robert Sugar Crosson you will be able to learn real street self defense from streets of NYC New York City and the approach to this tape is NHB No Holds Barred. In the street where Sugar comes from there are no rules. Sugar will teach you right from the beginning how to survive in a real life threatening situation. Sugar who is well known around the world for his light hearted self defense demonstrations of self defense will also show you how to defend yourself, while being entertained my this master of comedy at the same time. Learn the basic rules to stay alive in the streets. There is no one better to teach you then a man who has been there in the toughest streets of Brooklyn to the streets of Harlem. This is a tape that anyone who wants to learn real life self defense needs to get.

Approx 50 minutes Full Color.

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