Muscles In Minutes by Mike Mentzer

Muscles In Minutes by Mike Mentzer

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No, this is not Heavy Duty III. Entitled "MUSCLES IN MINUTES", this book serves perfectly as a primer on the subject of HIT. It will introduce those new to the topic of high-intensity training to the fundamentals of exercise science and their inter-relationships, without all the philosophy and technicalities of Mike's previous works. It provides workout routines for the bodybuilder, athlete, and those seeking "total fitness". Important for many, it contains extensive descriptions of all the recommended exercises. Nutrition and motivation are included.

Yes, there is some overlapping with the HEAVY DUTY books, however, for the well-schooled HIT advocate, it does contain some NEW facts and information about HEAVY DUTY HIT, as the truly ideal means of building strength, size and overall fitness. It will prove helpful as quick and easy reference material, also for the HIT expert.

Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises is proud to announce that IRONMAN MAGAZINE is an approved and authorized retailer of Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty HIT BOOKS. --- Joanne Sharkey, President


Chapter 1:Exercise....A New Perspective
Chapter 2: Resistance Training - The Ideal
Chapter 3: Your Goals
Chapter 4: The Routines
Chapter 5: Important Points
Chapter 6:Exercise Descriptions
Chapter 7:Nutrition
Chapter 8: Motivation
Chapter 9: What's Possible?

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