Moni Izac Knife Attacks

Moni Izac Knife Attacks

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When faced with a knife attack, if for some reason you can not escape, then you must be able to fight back.

Moni Aizik is the founder of Commando Krav Maga, a system based on the reality of commando combat in the field of war which is presently being taught in over twenty countries throughout the world. In this DVD, Moni Aizik teaches how to defend and fight against a knife attack. He will teach about using makeshift weapons and empty hands techniques. He will explain the more serious errors that people committed while trying to disarm an attacker, go through the most common lethal attacks, threatening situations and what to do when we receive a cut. Finally, he will show the training exercises that he uses to improve our strategies in these situations and the golden rules the Command Krav Maga system.

This DVD is filled with valuable, no nonsense, reality based martial arts and will be a fantastic addition to any martial arts video library.
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