Mastering Karate  Kanazawa #2 Ashi

Mastering Karate Kanazawa #2 Ashi

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Featuring Master Hirokazu Kanazawa you will learn so much about kicking and the stances of karate your plate will be full for years trying to master these principles and techniques. He has poured it all out on the table for you to learn... Nothing is held back... its all here: the hows and whys of all kicks from a front kick to flying kicks, plus he shows the little tiny things about stances that only a true Master can teach that will make the world of difference in your physical karate technique. You will learn why and how the hips tie the body to the stances and together make the stances and kicks the most powerful of all styles. A student of Gichin Funakoshi, Master Kanazawa is the man who holds the key to karate and hence the title Mastering Karate.
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