Manta Ray

Manta Ray

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The most significant advancement in freeweight training in 75 years.

Lets you focus on squat movement and technique rather than discomfort, numbness or shearing muscle trauma.

Unique weight distribution principle takes the bar off your deltoids and vertebrae, transfers weight across your trapezius muscles and reduces risk of injury.

Fits easily into any training bag
Weighs less than 500gms
No more using old dirty broken rubber padding!

All weight bearing exercise stimulates a growth hormone (GH) release, but the squat stimulates so much more, it makes any comparison a waste of time. Since GH encourages your body to store lean tissue rather than fat, the squat truly is the fastest way to your fitness goals!

Fact: There isnt a more powerful single exercise for building the entire body than the squat. Achieve tremendous gains with no pain and suffering!

YES! I want my squats to be safer and more comfortable so my quad growth explodes. Rush me the Manta Ray immediately.

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