Low Fat Easy Eats

Low Fat Easy Eats

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Low Fat Easy Eats includes over 90 of the best delicious, easy, low fat recipes that have graced the pages of Womens Health & Fitness magazine over the past five years.

Low Fat Easy Eats includes a breakdown of each recipe into total carbohydrates, protein, glycemic index, fats, fibre and salt content. And so youre educated before you start chopping and slicing, on pages full of valuable information on each of the categories, allowing you to decide where they fit into your lifestyle.

Throughout these pages, you'll find plenty of recipes that easily fit into your daily kilojoule allowance, which look and taste amazing. You'll also find the occasional treat. After all, it's important to indulge every now and then restricting your intake of certain foods may well lead to unhealthy habits in the longterm, like bingeing and overindulging.

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