Living with Depression<p>

Living with Depression

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Living with someone who is depressed is one of the loneliest feelings in the world. You're trapped with someone you know you love, and yet the only side of them you see makes you miserable and confused. There's plenty of help out there for your partner, but what about you? How do you cope? When Caroline Carr's partner of 20 years became depressed, it was a shock. But slowly she learnt the techniques she needed to cope without being dragged down herself, and was inspired to write this book. From her own experience and from talking to others in the same boat, she imparts advice and support on: How to look after yourself and the rest of your family; how to support your partner; understanding depression and how it affects you; strategies to get you through; where to get help. Caroline's very honest account of her relationship will show you how she coped, and how you can cope too
Author(s) Caroline Carr
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