Live Well Live Long

Live Well Live Long

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We all suffer some illness...and eventually die - that's part of life. What we don't want is to die prematurely or suffer unnecessarily. This important book by GP Dr Paul Goyen identifies the preventable illnesses that are the most common causes of premature death and disability, and offers advice on how to minimise the risk of contracting these illnesses.

Dr Goyen notes that one of life s mysteries is that routine car maintenance is considered essential but routine body maintenance is not. Live Well, Live Long does and excellent job in redressing this paradox. Dr Geoffrey Toffler, Professor of Preventative Cardiology, Sydney University, Senior Staff Specialist, Royal North Shore Hospital, SydneyPaul Goyen has produced an overview of disease prevention that is relevant to both general practitioners and their patients This easily readable text will prove a popular and informative addition to the medical literature and I can recommend it to both patients and doctors alike. Dr Greg Fulcher, Director, Sydney Diabetes, Department of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Royal North Shore Hospital, SydneyWe all experience some illness. That is part of life. What we don t want is to suffer unnecessarily. Have you wondered how you can prevent strokes or heart attacks, diabetes, cancer or osteoporosis? And what about dealing with issues surrounding mental health or women s and children s health?

In Live Well, Live Long, Dr Paul Goyen has written a practical, easy-to-follow illness prevention program for the whole family with comprehensive information and sensible advice covering childhood to older age. Importantly, he also explains how to work with a general practitioner to achieve and maintain the lifestyle changes necessary to enjoy a long and healthy life.Live Well, Live Long should be in every family bookshelf. You will come back to it time and time again.Dr Paul Goyen graduated from Sydney University with honours in 1981 and is an experienced general practitioner working in the field of preventative health..

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