Kung Fu Masters

Kung Fu Masters

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Jose FraguasKung fu is one of the most popular, yet misunderstood, martial arts in the world. Through interviews with historical figures such as Wong Shun Leung or Jackie Chan, and current world class masters such as William Cheung, Li Jian Yu, Eric Lee, Al Dacascos, Emin Boztepe, etc., the many threads of kung fu learning, lore, and legend are woven together to present an integrated and complete view of the shaolin art of fighting and self-defense. Now for the first time the best kung fu interviews are all in one place. These pieces contain unprecedented information that has not appeared anywhere else, and some go back to the first interview of these great martial artists careers. They contain intriguing thoughts, fascinating details and revealing philosophies.No matter how well you think you know these kung fu masters you dont really know them until youve read this book.
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