Koryu Uchinadi Yamane Ryu Bojutsu Vol. 3

Koryu Uchinadi Yamane Ryu Bojutsu Vol. 3

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Patrick McCarthy
Volume #3 This video on bojutsu introduces the learner to the four ritualized patterns of development employed by Oshiro-ha Yamaneryu kobudo. These fundamental exercises represent the foundation necessary in preparing to study Shuji, Sakugawa, Yonekawa, Shirotaru, Chinen Shikiyanaka & Pechin Kumibo. Viewed from various angles, this tape includes 1. Fundamental postures 2. Blocking, trapping & deflecting 3.Swinging, grip changes, bo manipulation & body movement & 4. Koryu no Kon (representing the principal methods of impact & composite fighting techniques of Oshiro-ha Bojutsu.)

This DVD represents a completely systematized methodology through which fundamental skills can be effectively learned regardless of kobudo/bojutsu style.

In comparing the content of this video with other styles it will become immediately apparent that there is a significant difference between modern kobudo and that of Oshiro-ha Yamaneryu. While an entire dissertation might better illuminate the obscurity surrounding this phenomenon, a simple explanation tells us that such differences came about largely due to kobudo unfolding alongside modern karate. In the same way that old-school Okinawan karate conformed to the powerful forces of Japanese-ness, so too was modern kobudo similarly influenced. Introduced to the mainland of pre-war Japan during an era of radical military escalation, the original practice & purpose of karate & kobudo took on characteristics uniquely Japanese and have, for the most part, remained that way.

Approximate running time 90 minutes.
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