Kobudo Sai: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense

Kobudo Sai: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense

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The sai is a three-pronged metal instrument (about 16 to 18 inches long) that is used by martial artist of many styles. The sai could have possibly been adapted from a war weapon, or could have been a farm tool. When manipulated skillfully it can be used to defend against swords of knives. In demonstrations it is pitted against the bo and other weapons. For all martial artisits, training with the sai adds much more to your overall skill and coordination, footwork, speed, balance and power. Fumio Demura, author of this series on kobudo weapons, studied under Japanese master Ryusho Sakagami and Okinawan master Kenshin Taira. In sensei Demura's lifetime of devotion to the martial arts he has won the all Japan Karate Freefighting Championships (1961), twice been voted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame, anf is recognised the world over as one of the premier martial artists of all time.
Included in this video are the most important criteria you need to learn and master the use of the sai: proper grips, attacks, defense, kata, maneuvering and application.
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