Karo Parisyan - Judo for Mixed Martial Arts

Karo Parisyan - Judo for Mixed Martial Arts

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Advanced Throws, Takedowns and Ground Fighting Techniques
with Erich Krauss & Neil Melanson

Karo The Heat Parisyan- four time National Judo Champion and UFC Superstar - is the most successful Judoka competing in the sport of mixed martial arts today. His unique fighting system, which has allowed him to ritualistically defeat the worlds toughest MMA competitors, is the product of 15 years of altering and adjusting traditional judo techniques to make them more applicable in a fight.

In Judo for Mixed Martial Arts, for the first time he unveils the secrets to that fighting system. Covering everything from basic controls to aggressive strikes to savage throws to bone-breaking submissions to brutal ground-n-pound, he leaves no stone unturned.

Whether you're a judoka looking to alter your style of fighting, a beginner desiring an effective fighting system, or an experienced mixed martial artist wanting to add a host of dominating throws to your arsenal, this book is for you. Judo for Mixed Martial Arts will supply you with proven techniques you can't find anywhere else; even in the world's top mixed martial arts training academies.

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