Karate Do - Body, Mind, SpiritChojun Miyagi's Goju Ryu

Karate Do - Body, Mind, SpiritChojun Miyagi's Goju Ryu

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The founder of Goju Ryu Karate this Master is said to be the most talented of all the great Okinawan Masters. In this DVD Phd. George Alexander gives an indepth account of the many little known facts about Miyagi as well as what his greatest accomplishments were. he also handles the touchy question as to who is the heir to Miyagi Goju Ryu karate in a fashion that makes logical and good sense. This is an excellent video with several rare photos of the master practicing Goju and as well a list of his students and their students and even some of their students. If you practice Goju no matter what version Okinawan, Japanese or American there is something for everyone to learn. you will also see rare footage of inside the Jindokan and footage of Miyazato Eichi performing kata.

Approx 45 minutes in Full Color.

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