Hardgainer Size Surge

Hardgainer Size Surge

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A crash course for packing on muscle weight for the genetically challenged.

Genetically challenged trainees, known as hardgainers, have a very difficult time building muscle. Due to their less-than-favorable genetics, hardgainers simply can't pack on lean mass fast, say the experts. Hogwash! Science has uncovered new training and nutrition solutions that increase hardgainers' gains significantly.

Yes, it's more difficult to build muscle when you have a smaller bone structure, more endurance-oriented slow-twitch fibers than anaerobic fast-twitch ones and a racing metabolism; however, you can circumvent, or at least minimize, those problems and grow as you've never grown before.

If you consider yourself a hardgainer, get on the Hardgainer Size Surge program immediately, and you'll be on a collision course for the musclular physique of your dreams.

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