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Golf Magazine 14#3

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Australian GOLF Magazine goes behind the game with leading coaches, players, destinations and events. We can fix your slice, power your swing or improve your putting. Published monthly, Australian GOLF Magazine, is an institution in Australian golf. If it’s golf related, you’ll find it in Australian GOLF Magazine.


The Get Lean, Get Fit Issue

p. 53 From the instant benefits of clubfitting to simple fitness tips from Camilo Villegas and golf’s top teachers, our 25-page guide will whip your swing and body into peak shape.

The GOLF Magazine Interview:

Ian Poulter

p. 88 Sports cars, Twitter fans, Ryder Cup glory. Life is good for Ian Poulter. But the 35-year-old Brit wants more—like a stroke play win on Tour. The controversial Pouler talks about his towering confidence, using the famous cup as a cereal bowl, and why you should like him, really like him!.

p. 82 Get On The Green

Eco-friendly, high-performance golf ball company Dixon Golf is about to launch in Australia. And golf just got a whole lot greener. But can a small, philanthropic-focused golf ball company really take on the big boys of world golf?

the starter

Catching up with Lee Westwood, What Tour Pros Think, PGA Tour Confidential, Watch This Space, and Lifestyle.

Also In This Issue

- Letter From the Editor

- Your Views

- Teeing Off

- Chasing Birdies­—By Mark Allen

- Off the Wall­—By Phil Wall

- Sam’s Soapbox­—By Sam Letourneau

- Rules Guy

- Sidespin—By David Feherty

your game

Tips from Golf’s Best Teachers

- Make short putts automatic

- How to check if your stroke is smooth

- Punch it out low and with power

- Get steep in the rough

- How to hit your irons crisper

- No more bananas

Best Travel trips

We head to Japan with world renowned golf course photographer David Scaletti.

Get Fit Special Section

Get Fit

Our exclusive testing shows that custom-fitted equipment can make a huge difference for all of the average Joes out there.

How They Fared

We customised gear for 10 golfers—and the results reveal the perfect fit.

Easy Does It

Who needs a gym when you can exercise at home—with a beer in easy reach.

Fountain of Truth

Gary Wiren is still long and strong at 75.

Four Pillars of a Healty Mind

No heavy lifting is required, but mental fitness demands discipline.

We Can Work it Out

Let our exclusive fitness test reveal the program that will firm up your swing.

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