Geoff Thompson's Masterclass - A 6 DVD Set

Geoff Thompson's Masterclass - A 6 DVD Set

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It Cost 1,000 To Attend And Sold Out Within 48 Hours, But Now You Can Get In The Thick Of The Action At a Fraction Of The Price...And Right From The Comfort Of Your Own Living Room!

A message from Geoff Thompson regarding his Masterclass

Last year (2009) for the very first time, I decided to open up my strictly private masterclass programme to a very small group of dedicated aspirants. After 36 years in the martial arts, ten years on nightclub doors and twenty years of teaching combative martial arts on the world stage I wanted to bring the essence of everything I'd learned, practiced and discovered into one comprehensive and groundbreaking programme.

Over the last four decades I have learned so much about the exciting and infinite potential of every person that walks this spinning planet and I've developed super fast-track techniques and philosophies that enable anyone to achieve excellence in combat - and in life - so quickly that it is startling.

I wanted the masterclass to be very personal and very exclusive, and for that reason I deliberately restricted it to just 30 people. I've always found that teaching to small groups of people creates the optimum conditions for fast track learning.

It was to be a 6 month commitment (for both the students and myself) to hard training and bleeding edge information. I announced the course on my newsletter just once! All 30 places were snapped up within 48 hours. I actually had to turn a lot of people away, even though the course cost 1,000 to attend.

I knew in advance that this masterclass was going to be something very special so I decided to hire a highly professional filmmaker (Stephen Reynolds) to record the whole thing and then boil it down to 6 hours of the most important, life-changing stuff.

The feedback from my teaching, books and my once-yearly day courses has been incredible. The word has reached every corner of the globe (I was even invited to teach two years in a row for Chuck Norris in Las Vegas Nevada) so I wanted to make sure that I caught the six month course on film for posterity.

I am absolutely delighted with the results, and more proud of this class and the subsequent 6 DVD masterclass series than anything I've done before.

It's the culmination, and combination of everything I've learned, and taught over the past 36 years.

Let me tell you, four decades ago when I was starting out and desperate to learn and expand I would have died for information like this. I would have sold my very shirt to obtain even a fraction of this very valuable information. For many of the students it proved life changing, even - many said - life saving. It is completely unique; no one else in the world is currently teaching these techniques and philosophies.

I know there's never been a programme like this before,and there may never be another like it again.

I'm very busy at the moment and I am away from home quite a lot with writing and film work. At present I am only able to teach about four hours a month, and I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to teach at all. So I wanted to capture the masterclass on film because I know that for every person that attended this course there were many who were too late, or simply didn't get to hear about it. If you are one of those people, or if you are simply someone that wants to get ahead of the crowd and excel, then this is a unique opportunity for you to learn what I taught on the masterclass at a fraction of the price of attending.

Through this professionally shot recording of the programme, you'll get a front row seat as the masterclass unfolds over a 6 month period. And because it's on DVD, you can watch again and again. I know you're going to pick up new things with each viewing!!!

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