Fundamentals of Nunchaku

Fundamentals of Nunchaku

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Considered one of the world's leading martial artists, Fumio Demura studied kendo and judo during his youth before going on to practice karate. After becoming All-Japan Freefighting champion, Demura sensei concentrated his martial arts practice on karate and the art of Okinawan kobudo. Now a foremost authority on Okinawan kobudo, Demura travels around the world to teach these two arts.

Originally adapted from farm tools, the nunchaku consists of two pieces of wood of various lengths that are joined together by rope (originally, horse hair) or a chain (originally, the bit from a horse's bridle) to create a formidable weapon of self-defense. More recently, the nunchaku is also used in tournaments. Indeed, audiences are consistently impressed with martial artists' dazzling and innovative routines using the nunchaku. In this video, Demura sensei teaches the proper way to apply the nunchaku in self-defense. Instruction for proper grips, stances, swings, strikes, blocks and a basic beginner's kata are also covered in this volume.

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