Funakoshi Shotokan #2

Funakoshi Shotokan #2

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Featuring three of the worlds top Shotokan Instructors you will be able to learn the following katas from beginning to end and everything in between. Senseis Balzarro, Semino, and Torre are three of the best and they will show you all the bunkai for the below mentioned katas as well as they will perform the kata at learning tempo and at full speed. You will also be shown the exact embusan of the kata in an easy to follow chart for each of the kata. You will be able to learn everything there is to know about the following forms: KANKU DAI, KANKU SHO, MEIKYO, BASSAI DAI, BASSAI SHO, TEKKI SHODAN, TEKKI NIDAN plus much more.

Approx 48 minutes Full Color.

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