Full-Contact Karate - DVD

Full-Contact Karate - DVD

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New Full-Contact Karate DVDs by Kenji Yamaki Will Feature Advanced Sparring Techniques and Hard-Core Martial Arts Conditioning
It’s been claimed that only 14 people in the world have endured the 100-man kumite, the ultimate test of martial arts mastery devised by Mas Oyama, the legendary founder of kyokushin karate.

Kenji Yamaki is one of them

Topics on this new 2-DVD set will include the following:

blocks and counters against front kicks, high kicks and back kicks
counters against outside low kicks, inside low kicks, middle kicks
counters against straight punches, hook punches and body blows
double attacks: punches to kicks
double kicks
drills for improving front-leg kicking techniques
drills for increased variation of front-leg kicks
drills for kicking and dodging
feinting with kicks
feinting with punches
front-kick combinations
jumping kicks
roundhouse-kick drills
side-step attacks
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