Freestyle Sparring

Freestyle Sparring

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Build an explosive freestyle sparring arsenal with powerful techniques, precise timing, and superior tactics! Packed with valuable sparring drills and strategies, Freestyle Sparring provides the tools you need to develop and refine your fighting skills.
Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung, a lifelong Taekwondo artist and 8th Dan black belt, has written the ultimate freestyle sparring resource for beginning, intermediate, and advanced martial artists in all hard-style disciplines. Regardless of your current skill level, Freestyle Sparrings skills, drills, tactics, and conditioning will help you become a faster, stronger, smarter fighter. Grandmaster Jung shares his wealth of knowledge and experience by providing the following:
Detailed instruction of proper technique
* Drills for refining technique, timing, and conditioning
* Skill assessment checklists to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses
* Mental tactics that provide superior focus and discipline
* Strategies for incorporating techniques from other martial arts stylesSpecific guidelines for tournament competition, including equipment, uniforms, and sparring rules for both Karate and TaekwondoSample training programs provide step-by-step guidance in developing efficient, effective workout regimens, including plans for preparing for competition and schedules for year-round training.

Over 160 photos illustrate 110 sparring techniques, including punches, kicks, blocks, and strikes. Whether you enjoy sparring as one aspect of martial arts training or wish to excel in competition, Freestyle Sparring gives you everything you need to take your fighting skills to the next level.

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