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This remarkable book gives the reader a unique insight into an amazing five-year study of single kata (Gojushiho). It shows the depth that is waiting to be discovered by the close study of ata, covering an incredible range of subjects including:

the psychology of confrontation
the common acts of physical violence
vital points and how to exploit them
the methodology for the break-down and understanding of kata
the applications of the kata
the principles of karate and how to apply them
the applications (in detail) for each of the movements of Gojushiho
the major variations of each application
objective measurements regarding their practicality
how to link the applications together

The author also explains how to undertake your own study using a single kata of your choice, and how to build a training regime based on the kata. If you have ever wondered what kata is really all about then this book is for you.

When karate was a secret art, practiced in the back yards of Okinawa by a few dedicated masters and their disciples, it was usual to train in a single kata for many years. A master of karate would know just one, two or possibly three kata. Through the deep study of those few kata the master karateka would possess a complete self-defence system, he would be well versed in the underlying principles of karate and he would have a memory aid which would map out his complete training regime. Over the last century the practice of a single kata has disappeared from karate practice. The deep understanding of a few kata has been replaced by the superficial understanding of many. This book shows you in great detail how to recover that understanding and how to put kata back at the heart of karate.

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