Eat, Drink and be Healthy

Eat, Drink and be Healthy

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This updated edition of the national bestseller debunks dietary myths and presents Dr. Willett's New Healthy Eating Pyramid, a healthier guide to nutrition than the recently revised USDA pyramid.
Inside you'll discover:

•eye-opening new research on the healthiest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins

•why weight control is still the single most important factor

•menu plans and brand-new recipes that make it even easier to reinvent your diet
CHAPTER ONE Introduction

CHAPTER TWO What Can You Believe About Diet?

CHAPTER THREE Healthy Weight

CHAPTER FOUR Surprising News About Fat

CHAPTER FIVE Carbohydrates for Better and Worse

CHAPTER SIX Choose Healthier Sources of Protein

CHAPTER SEVEN Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

CHAPTER EIGHT You Are What You Drink

CHAPTER NINE Calcium: No Emergency

CHAPTER TEN Take a Multivitamin for Insurance


CHAPTER TWELVE Recipes and Menus

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