Dumbbell Training

Dumbbell Training

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Maximum results with minimal equipment.

Dumbbells have always been a strength training staple because of their versatility, affordability, and effectiveness. With the enormous popularity of all-in-one, adjustable versions, dumbbells have solidified their standing as the must-have muscle building tools. Now comes the one authoritative guide to using dumbbells to achieve the results you want.

Developed by renowned strength and conditioning coach Allen Hedrick, Dumbbell Training features the most effective dumbbell exercises for increasing strength, power, and muscle mass. Targeting the core, upper body, lower body, and total body, the more than 81 exercises are accompanied by step-by-step instructions, common errors and corrections, and safety considerations. Expert insights, variations, and training tips further explain how to isolate muscles, increase range of motion, and stimulate stabilizing muscles to protect joints.

More than just exercises, Dumbbell Training includes workouts and programs proven to add muscle mass and definition and enhance sport performance. You’ll find 33 programs for increasing power, speed, agility, and balance for athletes in 11 popular sports: basketball, cycling, ice hockey, skiing, soccer, softball, speed skating, swimming, track, volleyball, and wrestling. It’s all here and ready to use.

At the gym, home, or on the road, Dumbbell Training is a targeted approach to improving strength, power, musculature, and performance. If you own dumbbells, this book is a must-own.



Part I Training With Dumbbells
Chapter 1 Benefits of Training With Dumbbells
Chapter 2 Designing a Program
Chapter 3 Incorporating Dumbbells Into an Existing Program

Part II Exercises
Chapter 4 Upper Body
Chapter 5 Lower Body
Chapter 6 Core
Chapter 7 Total Body

Part III Programming
Chapter 8 Training for Increased Muscle Size
Chapter 9 Training for Increased Power
Chapter 10 Training for Power Sports
Chapter 11 Training for Speed Sports
Chapter 12 Training for Agility and Balance Sports
Author(s) Allen Hedrick
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