Dueling with O-sensei

Dueling with O-sensei

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Ellis and I go back nearly twenty-five years, to when we were still young and even more foolish than now. We met at the Aikikai's headquarters dojo and hit it off, both of us not entirely sure what we were doing or where we were going, only knowing that the martial arts contained something that we both felt was immensely absorbing and would be of great value. We trained together in aikido regularly for a couple of years. Gradually, as happens, our work and training schedules diverged a bit, and we didn't see as much of each other.

At one point (and Ellis tells this story in an essay published in Koryu Bujutsu, edited, in fact, by my wife Diane), I happened to learn that several classical martial arts were being practiced at a certain dojo over near where Ellis was living and mentioned this to him. He went to observe practice and wound up falling into training with a man who must surely be one of the most interesting and unique people teaching and training nowadays--as close to a modern bushi as I've ever met
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