Cudgel - Chinese Staff

Cudgel - Chinese Staff

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The Cudgel or Chinese Staff is one of the four primary weapons in Chinese martial arts. Made famous by the warrior-monks of the Shaolin Temple, the simple Cudgel is a swift, versatile and formidable weapon. Combining speed and strength to produce power, the Cudgel is said to sweep all around and is weilded like the fall of heavy raindrops.

Master Tang will guide you step-by-step through the essential techniques to master the Cudgel. You will learn simple and complex movements, movement combinations, and then learn a full routine as performed by Beijing Wushu Team member and All-China champion, Shang Yu.

Master Tang Lai Wei A foundation member of the famous Beijing Wushu Team which won 12 consecutive China National Wushu Championships, Master Tang started training at the age of seven. He won over 30 medals in Chinas national wushu competitions, including Wushus highest award, the Wu Ying. Formerly a training partner of action star Jet Li, Master Tang now lives in Australia, holds a 7th Grade in Wushu and was recently awarded the Wushu Development Award by the Chinese Wushu Association.
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