Critical Mass POF

Critical Mass POF

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Get maximum muscle fiber recruitment from four to six sets per bodypart. Discover how to build power and size with big midrange movements, the myotatic reflex and peak contraction. These tapes explain Positions of Flexion, a breakthrough mass-building method that has bodybuilders worldwide growing faster than ever and achieving skin-splitting pumps at every workout. See this exciting size-boosting approach in action, apply it to your own workouts and watch mass surge to dramatic new levels in record time.
DVD Includes...

*Critical Arms: Get a shocking set of biceps, triceps and forearms fast! Let POF turn your guns into cannons!

*Critical Chest & Delts: Get maximum fiber recruitment from as few sets as possible -- 4 to 6 per bodypart -- for rapid development.

*Critical Legs & Back: Build legs like powerful pillars and a big, broad back with POF. Features Paul Quadzilla DeMayo.
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