City of violence

City of violence

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Plot: After his friend Wang-Jae is murdered, police officer Tae-Su returns to his hometown to attend the funeral. But once there, he becomes suspicious that there's more to Wang-Jae's death than he's being told; and he sets out to seek his own justice.

Overview: Smart, slick, and furiously paced, "The City Of Violence" is part detective story, part mayhem-packed thrill ride. Director Ryoo Seung-Wan, "Korean cinema's answer to Quentin Tarantino" (Johnny Vaughan, The Sun, UK), combines stylized camerawork, whirling tae kwon do moves, and an array of entertaining villains to create a classic revenge saga. The story follows a pair of high school friends who reunite to investigate the murder of one of their own, hurtling toward an epic two-against-the-world showdown where they will try to take vengeance at any cost.
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