Chocolate for a Mother's Heart

Chocolate for a Mother's Heart

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The inspirational stories you're about to read all deal with motherhood -- you'll enjoy them whether you're a mom yourself or simply in need of a little mothering

Moms have one of the simplest but toughest job descriptions around: Do it all, and then some! We're teachers, friends, chauffeurs, cooks, nurses, stage managers, career counselors, and most of all, safe havens. We need to know when to be there, and when to bite our tongues. We must shelter, guide, and protect -- and then at precisely the right moment, push our precious offspring from the nest. Motherhood is a job with more variety than the biggest box of chocolates you can envision! And that's why all the stories in Chocolate for a Mother's Heart were written with so many different types of women in mind
With the kind of unconditional love that only a mother can provide -- and a reminder that mothers know best -- I offer you a variety of deliciously rich, real-life chocolate stories. So go ahead, indulge in these soul-satisfying treats, and take it from this Mom: they will just whet your appetite for more!

Author(s) Kay Allenbaugh
Book Bound Paperback
Pages 208
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