Calcio - A History of Italian Football

Calcio - A History of Italian Football

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′Calcio′ tells the story of Italian football from its origins in the 1890s to the present day. It takes us through a history of great players and teams of style passion and success but also of violence cynicism catenaccio tactics and corruption.We meet the personalities that have shaped this history − from the Italian heroes to the foreigners that failed the model professionals to the mavericks. ′Calcio ′evokes the triumphs (the 1982 World Cup victory) and the tragedies (Meroni the ′Italian George Best′ killed by his number one fan) set against a backdrop of paranoia and intrigue in a country where the referee is seen as corrupt until proven otherwise.Calcio is no longer a game. It is sometimes difficult to define it as a sport. It is certainly big business and a fanatical civic religion. There is no moral code here. Winners are always right losers always wrong. This history of Italian football − the first written in English − is a mix of serious analysis and comic storytelling with vivid descriptions of games goals dives missed penalties riots and scandals in the richest and toughest league in the world.

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