Bujinkan Dojo Taijitsy vol.1

Bujinkan Dojo Taijitsy vol.1

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Who doesn't know Hatsumi Sensei? He is the living history of Ninjutsu in the modern era. As well as being an important figure, he is also a charismatic and interesting human being. We have done the first two Madrid Taikai videos and there is a lot of material left. The most dificult thing is knowing where to cut. Hatsumi has a lot of ideas, is a lot of laughs and possesses continuos teaching material when he is on stage. It is not important if you do Ninjutsu or Karate or whatever, this man teaches about life itself. His videos are a real joy to watch and I recommend them without reserve. DonĀ“t miss out! These DVDs are exceptional! They may be the last that Taikai does. Key Words: Ninjutsu, Karate, Martial Arts

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